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We act against mass-production.

We truly value our planet so we are not mass-producing everything needed for Naturaw. Where possible, we are consciously reusing what was already created to reduce waste. Naturaw packaging gives second life to paper which was already produced, used and then recycled. To be eco-friendly means to refrain from producing and using without second thought. Fortunately, using less means having less to dispose of. 

We believe less is more.

We spent months on figuring out how to protect the products during shipping without increasing waste while still delivering them in perfect shape. We finally found post-consumer waste paper so strong that our products could also be shipped with no additional boxing. The packaging is uncoated and 100% recyclable so please dispose of it in the best way. We further managed to create a circular economy that reduces waste in a way that you can reuse the boxes up to your wish by just removing the sleeve. You will have a unique beautiful box with flowers in addition to your favourite skincare product. We always choose quality over quantity. 

We say "NO" to plastic.

It goes without saying that plastic containers are the last we would ever use. We are endlessly thankful to the beaches and oceans and we give our love in return by keeping them clean.

We support the preservation of animal habitats.

We are also truly aware of the palm oil production chaos and we will never use palm oil in our formulas. The botanicals we source are organically grown without pesticides and GMO, thus preserving the soil at its best.

We fulfil our obligations to nature and take care of the recycling of our packaging.


We believe that all this creates  extra value that supports our collective duty to the planet.


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